What is included in the eBook?

  • Over 100 macro friendly recipes, including calorie, macro and serving information.

Are the recipes easy to follow?

  • Yes! I tried to keep the recipes as simple and delicious to follow!

Can I customize the meal plans to fit my dietary preferences or restrictions?

  • Yes! If a recipe includes ingredients you do not like (for example mushrooms or whole milk) you can always remove or swap out food items.
  • Common food swaps:
    • milk > almond milk > oat milk > soy milk
    • chicken > turkey > fish > beef
    • can swap any green veggie for another
    • can swap any fruit for another
    • flour > almond flour > gluten free flour
    • pasta > gluten free pasta > lentil pasta > chickpea pasta

Are nutritional facts included for each recipe?

  • Yes! However, nutritional information may vary slightly based on product brand and if you modify the recipe (example, swapping our regular milk for almond milk).

Can I access the eBook on multiple devices?

  • Yes! Once you purchase the eBook, you will receive an email with a PDF download. From there you can access it on your phone, iPad, or computer.

Is there ongoing support if I have questions about the recipes or meal plans?

  • There is no 1-1 coaching as part of your ebook purchase, however, if you have any questions you can email info@gensgym.com.

    What is your refund policy?